From that unforgettable Delhi afternoon that broke a million hearts to a legend who wept simply because he couldn’t carry an Olympic medal back to his mother. To those sublime, windmill wrists as if personally created by God and the legend from Pakistan for whom Indian theatres interrupted a screening of Pakeezah just because his team couldn’t make it on time. Moving on to a player as soft spoken as a leaf falling through air whose current avatar as a politician has him asking Maoists to give up guns for hockey sticks. And then the lad who would have become India’s most dangerous forward but for a shattered knee and inept administration – these are just some of the accounts from the collection of India’s best hockey writer, Sundeep Misra.

These narratives move from the 1982 Asian Games final where a visibly upset Indira Gandhi walked away at the break to the 2016 Asian Champions Trophy with all the theatrics of yet another Indo-Pak encounter on display. The Mohammed of Benares and Other Stories are voices in a nation that was once beguiled and dazzled by the sheer artistry of the sport. The romance continues.

Book reviews

Very good book if you are in touch with Indian field hockey. Happy Sundeep wrote about Mohammed Shahid in this book.
Good Reads
Nonetheless, it is as an author that he has made a special mark in the world of sports writing, penning three books – Forgive Me Amma: The Life & Times of Dhanraj Pillay; The Best Of Indian Sports Writing, and the last one – The Mohammad Of Benares & Other Stories, which was released in the third week of October, 2017.
Ommcomm News
In this timely documentation of hockey tales, Sundeep Misra has written an uplifting and worthwhile book, a worthy addition to the rich tapestry of hockey’s literature.
The Sports Column
The author’s love for hockey comes out in each word he chisels, while his passion for the sport is imbued in each line. This one is sure for the hockey-lover out there.
The Tribune

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